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Domestic Wired Alarms Hull

If you are looking to have a burglar alarm installed, we’re here to help. You can use our ‘Contact Us’ page, telephone us for advice or telephone us to arrange a convenient day and time to conduct a home survey. We will not expect an order there and then, and you will not be under any obligation. Listen to our advice, we will not ‘bamboozle’ you with technical details, and explain in layman’s terms what your system will be able to do. We will follow this up with a written quotation and a written summery of the installation. The type of system you choose depends upon your budget and the nature of valuables you wish to protect. Insurers will frequently offer a discount on the cost of content insurance if you have a burglar alarm fitted by a company certificated by a body such as SSAIB.

We have an excellent business ethic and do not engage in false or deceptive tactics. By using an SSAIB Certificated company, you are assured that we have been subject to a range of relevant checks with respect to both technical competence and professional conduct.

Wired alarms, as the words suggest, operate by using cables between the alarm control panel and the systems peripherals, such as detection and warning devices. Garages and out buildings can be added to the system. If cabling to garages and out buildings is not practical within the limitations of cost, we use wireless equipment for this addition (called a hybrid system). Our alarms can have up to four levels of set although two is usual, allowing for a full set system and a part set system. The part set system is used when retiring to bed, automatically isolating any landing detectors. A site survey will determine the type of devices and where to locate them. Concealing cables is one of our priorities when installing alarms. Cable runs are assessed by the engineer before starting work and care is taken not to disrupt decor, or damage the fabric of the building. Our years of experience will result in a professional finish, albeit time consuming. However, we do recognise that concealing cables in some homes may not be practical, due to laminate flooring and other obstacles, this would be identified on the site survey and a wireless system would be recommended.

Audible only alarms
This is generally the most common option. If the alarm is triggered, an audible alarm sounds to alert you (or a neighbour) that an intruder has entered (or is trying to enter) the premises. 

We use alarm control equipment designed to be user friendly and easy to use. Our keypads have code or keytag operation. The single action keytag operation is used to set or unset the alarm. I.e. producing the keytag to the keypad starts the exit timer and setting begins, producing the keytag again unsets the alarm.

‘Audible only’ alarms may be appropriate for most typical dwellings. However, it depends on the location of the property, the lifestyle or nature of the occupier or the content.
Some customers prefer the additional option of a speech dialler. When the alarm is activated, pre-programmed numbers will be dialled and a pre-recorded message alerts the keyholder or neighbour to the alarm. If the phone line is cut or disabled no message can be sent albeit the sounders will operate.

Once your system is installed we recommend you have it maintained, this will reduce the potential for false alarms over the years.

Domestic Wired burglar Alrms


Hulls Leading Alarm & Security Installation Specialists

23 Highfield, Sutton, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU7 4TW

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Alarm monitoring

Monitored alarms for ‘police response’ is not usual for dwellings unless the risk of loss is high, or is stipulated by your insurance company.

The system installed may be the same or similar to an ‘Audible Only Alarm’ except that when the alarm is activated, a signal informs our Alarm Receiving Centre.

They may confirm that the alarm is not false and if necessary they inform the Police and keyholder.


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Police checked for criminal records and independently
security screened to British Standards B.S.7858-2006.

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Approved by the SSAIB (Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board) for intruder alarms.   We are regularly inspected for technical and managerial competence, giving you peace of mind, knowing the job’s done right.